The Chronicles of the Dandelion Progeny: -----------The Point of No Return----------- there she parries a grin, at the bay-window slurping milk next to a mug of capuccino., ravishing a plate of blueberry and yam., ricocheting- simultaneous-to-cuddling bleu cotton handy throw pillow., and in pernacious hobbling, she, scoops for pc works. accrued and sidled and accruing plushies., and in a paucity of humor and fondling, stockpiles self-made accessories in, her reclusive-as it speaks per se- rubble-made caddy., a totes mcgoats secrecy, from them from you while, there she plops


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December 31, 2020

Because I'm still their vain Hero

by liruandlegallyraven | 11:03 AM

And at the end, I still save their days.

Their insistence, not mine.

This year has been about allies turning into enemies, and betrayals after betrayals. 

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Staying grounded.

Save yourself. I'm only helping you to save yourself.

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