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November 29, 2020


by cinderellaareus | 08:56 PM

Nalulungkot pa rin ako na wala na sa company si TL D. Kahit mahirap ang buhay trabaho ko nung nasa night shift ako, it was so much more bearable to go to work knowing na makikita ko sya dun. Nung nag start ang work from home, kahit i-seen nya nga lang message ko sa GC sumasaya na ko. Lalo na pag nag cha chat sya. Or yung minsang tumawag sya para i-setup yung Avaya ko. 

Nalulungkot ako. But I'm training myself to learn how to live with the sadness na resulta ng mga bagay na I can't really control. Na ok lang yung minsan malungkot ka kasi normal na reaction naman talaga yun.

You see, I'm not really expecting anything from this man,  you know. He's married with a kid. I'm totally fine with just looking at the guy from afar as it makes my day a whole lot tolerable when he's there.

Tapos ngayon, wala na sya.

At kahit siguro isantabi ko pa ang pagtingin ko sa taong yun, bilang parte ng team, alam kong malaking loss ang pag alis nya samin.

Hindi ko alam. Ano bang gagawin ko?

Also, today nalaman ko rin na nag resign na rin si Eric. He's one of the very few genuinely nice men I know. Sobrang bait ng batang yun. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, if hindi nya bet yung malilipatan nya e balikan nya kami.

Tokwa, nakakalungkot.


Andalas ng pag ulan nitong mga nakaraang araw. Nalulungkot din ata ang langit.

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November 27, 2020

ren & den

by cinderellaareus | 09:19 PM

Had very little sleep last night. We woke up at 3am as Dad's appointment with the doc was at 7. Mom needed to give eye drops to Dad every two hours last night per doctor's instruction. She also made sure he won't touch his face. They were kinda noisy, I think none of slept well.

I've been sleeping at my parents' room for a while now. They have aircon, and my room feels like a furnace in comparison. I think my life will be a little bit easier if I'll just buy my own aircon, but I think it's impractical. 

Dad's post-surgery check up finished real quick. 

Alam mo ba, sobrang bait ng doctor ni Papa. I don't think I've met another doctor who's as nice. He always go to the hospital early. Yesterday, nung hindi agad pinapasok ng guard sila mama, sinundo nya pa. We came about an hour earlier than the scheduled time today. When Mom texted the doc, he rushed to the clinic, binaon nalang daw ata yung almusal nya. He always run—like literally—when he's needed. Kahit sa mga private na hospital na napuntahan ko, we were never treated like were prioritized as much as this doctor made us feel. 

On top of that, I think pogi sya. I never saw his face because of the mask, pero chinito sya. Maputi, matangkad at mukhang mabango. Single kaya to? Hahaha!

But all the kaharutan asside, I truly appreciate this doctor. May the Heavens bless and protect him palagi. Grabe, ang swerte ng mga magiging pasyente nya.


Back to work tomorrow. We just had a go-live for the APAC teams a few days back. We are having a lot more Japanese calls now. And Divya started flooding us with  tickets again. Last Thursday, nabasa ko sa gc na 100 daw yung pinasa. Tokwa, good luck sakin bukas.

TL D said that this will be his last week na daw sa company. Does that mean today's his last day? Bakit kaya sya nag resign? Hindi ko na rin sya natanong. Ang tipid rin kasing mag reply non. But I'm glad na rin na he told me that he's leaving. Otherwise, I wouldn't know. Magkaiba kami ng shift e.

Sya yung gumawa ng blitz. Majority ng forms na gamit namin, galing din sa kanya. Nung kaka announce lang ng lock down, he was the one who was working so hard for us to be able to bring our work computers home. Dun ko kaya sya naging crush. Ang pogi nya nun e. 

And I also remember na mahigpit sya. Mejo takot nga ko dun. Kahit never naman talaga syang nanakot. Ang no-nonsense nya rin kasi. And I acknowledge na magaling sya as a leader, and as an IT. Kahit nung hindi ko pa crush yun, nilu look up ko yun. Ano kayang magyayari sa team pag wala sya.

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November 26, 2020

by MeantimeNars | 07:01 PM

this week is ugh.

one morning i woke up with this ugly feeling inside me. it's somewhere in my chest, in my tummy, i'm not sure. sort of tightening, sick feeling that i can't quite place.

this is actually very familiar. 

i believe i had this years ago, and a few times shortly after i had kids. 


sad to realize that it doesn't actually go away.

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November 26, 2020

Why why why

by cinderellaareus | 12:15 PM

At the hospital now. They are only accepting one companion for each patient, so I let Mom stay inside as Dad's companion, while I roam around QC to pass time.

TL crush just sent me a message that it's gonna be his last week in the company na. What? Why? Huhu.

Nakakalungkot ha. T_T

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November 25, 2020


by cinderellaareus | 09:51 PM

Just ended my work week.

Tomorrow's Dad's surgery, so we need to wake up earlier than usual. The following day, we will once again travel for a total of 4-5 hours to go back to the hospital for another checkup. Yeah.

I haven't opened Netflix the entire week, nor went back to my saved videos of J-series in Facebook. My mind is once again preoccupied on what I'm gonna do with my life so that I'd earn more money with barely any effort. 

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November 21, 2020

Kira kira

by cinderellaareus | 11:32 PM

He's shining still, that Aio. In his guitar was a Batman icon. Needed to watch twice.

Crush ko talaga si Batman.


Head hurts. Skipped work. Hope I'm not sick. Dad will be having a surgery next week.

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November 19, 2020


by cinderellaareus | 06:50 PM

So, we got a call from Dad's doc. His supposed eye operation was postponed due to pandemic, but now they said that if we're willing, they can now push through with it. Dad said yes, so were going to the hospital tomorrow. It's in QC. This hospital was in the news during the start of this whole COVID thing. In the news, they had dead bodies piled up in their morgue. Remembering this is really far from comforting. 

I have an online conference tomorrow. I hope my mobile data can handle. Globe's signal at home is good, but I'm not sure if it'll be the same in QC. When I was living in Manda, the signal was terrible.


Was watching FeastCon's rehearsals last night. Cute ng kapatid ni Jan Silan. Bata. Taken. Sayang. Hahaha. Excited ako sa worship. Si Aio, yung crush ko, malamang nandun. Nakakamiss ang physical na kcon pero sana ma enjoy ko pa rin to. Sana may makilala akong interesting.

hn. your pen's toilet

November 18, 2020

Nihongo no renshuu

by cinderellaareus | 11:07 PM

今日は日本語のコール二つあった。仕事は正常に暇だから、少し びっくりした。

I kinda get why people with job like ours are paid this way. Hindi talaga madali. Started watching J-series again to somehow improve my language skills. Funny I've been expecting to hear words like "aboji", "hyung", "byane" and the like, eventhough I actually know their Japanese counterparts. 

Watching Signal. Cute nung bida. Pero di ko muna tinapos. I started watching My Boss My Hero. Hindi kasing nakaka hook like Kdrama pero pwede na.

Off ko bukas. Will do groceries. On Friday, online FeastCon. Petiks lang naman talaga ang buhay ko. Hindi ko alam kung bakit pakiramdam ko e laging may humahabol sakin. Or ako yung laging may hinahabol. Like I never really have the time to just be. Siguro nga choice ko to.

Alam mo ba, Nini's mother had just passed away.

When I was younger, I had a lot of fears. I've lost them little by little growing up. Sa ngayon, I think I only have one fear that I can name, and that is losing my mother.

Shara and I struggled on how we're gonna comfort Nini. It's hard to choose words for someone when you feel like they might fall apart anytime. Kung sakin kasi nangyari yun, ewan ko. Hindi ko alam. Hindi ko maimagine. Ang hirap.

Sana maging maayos din ang lahat for Nini.

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