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June 27, 2022

Shinigami no sei ka

by cinderellaareus | 11:35 PM

Another death from someone I know in Toastmasters. Parang kamamatay lang rin ng kakilala ko from another club just weeks back. It's sad and scary. Death.

I went on SL today as I injured my feet last night. I was drying my glass lunch box when it slipped from my hand and landed on my feet, shattering broken glasses around me. By the time I noticed, my feet were already bleeding.

I managed to sleep longer and even had an afternoon nap today.

I haven't been feeling well these days. I think it's really convenient to become a woman, because when you feel a little suicidal, you can always blame it on PMS.

I'm trying not to think too much. BL manga used to keep me sane. It's probably still keeping me sane. I just feel a little... I don't really have a word for this feeling.

One of the earliest poems I've read when I was young (about 8, I guess) was about death. The words were painfully beautiful, I remember wanting to write like that.

Isn't it odd how humans are drawn to glum things like death and unrequited love? Surely, there's some inexplicable beauty in them, but isn't it about time for you to outgrow all these already, Z?

Nah... I really shouldn't think too much.

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June 22, 2022


by cinderellaareus | 07:19 PM

It's barely 2 months since RTO started and I already bought 5 lipsticks. Before Pandemic, I think I got about 12. 

Jeez, should stop this. 


Will be going back to work tomorrow. I feel like my rest days had just passed me by, I didn't even feel it.

I want more sleep.

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June 18, 2022


by cinderellaareus | 10:33 AM

Back to work, alright.

Yesterday, my whole body hurt, I found it hard to get up from the bed. Grabe yung massage dun sa spa. Mapanakit. Still want to go back there though. Officemate and I are planning to go back, maybe by the end of next month. I loved the jacuzzi and herbal bath.

Convo with friends revolved mostly about love, trauma, and undergarments. It was really funny, I had a good laugh. I'm glad we went there.


I still can't seem to shake this dissatisfaction. I want to do something about it.

Spent the day yesterday reading BL and playing with neice and nephew. I need to tone down my spending as Mel and I are planning to push through with the Korean trip by November. Of course, I'll be bringing my parents along. Of course, I'm going to pay. I need to save. Big time.

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June 15, 2022


by cinderellaareus | 01:00 AM

12:51AM, gising pa ko.

Will be meeting the girls 6PM. A little earlier with Mel at 5:30. We'll be spending 12 hrs sa spa, so I told my parents na sa Thursday na ko uuwi. Hectic din since nagpa sched ako ng nueter for one of my cats mamayang 8AM.

Anu ba, gising pa ko. Huhu.

Mel plans to go ice skating tomorrow. I'd rather go home and take care of my then newly neutered cat. I also feel homesick just thinking that I won't be sleeping on my own bed tonight.

Pero di ba, hindi naman pwedeng ganito ako lagi. I need to go out.

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June 12, 2022

Dont Blink

by cinderellaareus | 09:32 AM

Slept past 11 from reading BL. Feeling too sleepy, I allowed myself a few sips of cappucino from the office vendo. My stomach is hurting just a bit, but at least it reduced the sleepiness. I used to have less sleep than this.


Read some of the winning works in Palanca. Mejo inantok ako sa iba, until I found this one. This is the 3rd placer on 2017. I loved the story so much, I looked up on the author on Facebook. Hahaha.

I remember once upon a time, someone also looked up on my profile in FB after reading some contest entry I've won more than a decade ago. The dude asked if I'm now a writer. I wished to tell him that I'm still so much cooler eventhough I'm not, but I settled into saying it as is.

Keri lang. Don't really care much. Still, I want to win again and have someone looking up my profile in FB after reading my works. After reading "Don't Blink", I felt like the entry I've sent still had a super long way to go. For all I know I could've been disqualified because my entry form was not notarized. I'll just join again and become a hall of famer. Kaya ko yun!

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June 7, 2022


by cinderellaareus | 02:09 PM

I just had an iced hazelnut mocha drink, and I feel like I'm being punched in the gut.

Know what, I really love coffee. I'd drink that everyday if it wasn't for GERD. Gah, I wonder if I'll need to go to the nearest doc to get a buscopan shot. Baking soda should've been a healthier option, but I left my stash at home. Damn, GERD.


Life is super smooth as ever.

My officemates are nice. Pay is good. Work is easy. Even the commute has gotten so much easier since my bus stops right accross our office building. 

There's still that growing dissatisfaction, but I'm still grateful.


Got plans to have spa date with my TM girls next week. We haven't told one of the girls na hubaran don. Mel said we should break it to her gently. Lol.


I've always been in a hurry since RTO. Mahaba ang byahe. I'd want to get home as early as possible. That's why I find it nice pag nakakasabay kong umuwi yung batang yun from pdt. He said he's a law student, so parang secured na yung morning shift para sa kanya. 

I'm still not comfortable talking to anyone else though. 

I wonder when will the club open for f2f meeting. And kung kaya ko bang umattend considering na may pasok ako on weekends. I wonder how I managed to have a social life before pandemic. Parang ang konti konti ng oras when I commute.

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May 31, 2022


by cinderellaareus | 04:19 PM

I just clicked the "submit" button. Need pala na naka notarized yung entry. Wala nang oras, sinubmit ko na kahit di naka notaryo. Baka ma reject. Di bale, at least may idea na ko for next year.

I told Mom the champion will get only 18k, and she was like, "akin yung 8k". Lol. That was before I even sent my entry.

Mom said she wants to go to Korea. Looks like Tita from the province will be going here in Metro. Mom said we can ask Tita to take care of the cats while we're away. I need to save up ng bongga as I'll be financing a travel for the 3 of us, including Dad. I asked Mel if she wants to come. Sa malapit lang daw muna. I don't know if I can pull off travelling abroad on my own. It's not like I can rely on my parents eventhough I'll be travelling with them. I saw a tour package amounting to 35k per head. Kailangan ko ata ng 6-digits para i-push to. I'm not confident in going DIY.

I lent 100k to my tita the last time. Will be lending 50k more. She said she'll be paying an interest of 20k by the time she pays me on October. Mom and Dad asked me not to put an interest na daw as the same tita helped us a lot back when we had very little money. She never asked us to pay for interest back then. She even gave us money to deposit in the hospital back when Dad was needed to be sent to the ICU about 10 years ago. Well, I didn't ask her to pay, it was her who offered that amount as an interest. I'm thinking of letting her pay just half of the agreed. Bahala na.

Okay, saka ko na iisipin ang money matters. 

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May 30, 2022

5 hearts

by cinderellaareus | 11:25 PM

I shook hands with a stranger in the bus this morning as he was introducing himself. He didn't look bad. He's an accountant daw.

Then, nakasabay kong umuwi yung cute kiddo from PDT kanina. Mejo mahaba habang lakaran kaya nakapag kwentuhan ng bahagya.

Siguro 5/5 hearts ang love horoscope ko today.


Nakalimutan kong mag book ng vet tomorrow. 

I need to finish a contest entry na deadline din bukas. I don't know my chances of winning, pero excited akong maipakilala ang mga characters ng kwento ko sa ibang tao. I'm really struggling with the ending. Sabi na nga ba dapat sa ending nagsisimula.

Ang daming gagawin. Maglilinis pa ko ng kwarto ng cats bukas. Gusto ko ng yaya. T_T

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