The Chronicles of the Dandelion Progeny: -----------The Point of No Return----------- there she parries a grin, at the bay-window slurping milk next to a mug of capuccino., ravishing a plate of blueberry and yam., ricocheting- simultaneous-to-cuddling bleu cotton handy throw pillow., and in pernacious hobbling, she, scoops for pc works. accrued and sidled and accruing plushies., and in a paucity of humor and fondling, stockpiles self-made accessories in, her reclusive-as it speaks per se- rubble-made caddy., a totes mcgoats secrecy, from them from you while, there she plops


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The Nothings


You could not look at and through her eyes. Those will never give you anything.

You dare look into here, you will witness the act of bleaching her soul.

Warning: This is only applicable to those who have pass.


Dengeki Daisy

The thresholds of the adjective electrifying and the noun simplicity.

Amidst the air


Escape Pod

Less of Zeph's bibliolept persona



The Metier"s"


(1) Film Review and (2) Write-up Review

Of only the critique-worthy cuts


Ichigo to Chokoreete

Otaku da kore.


Kyooiku Kankei No

Then: Four pillars. Now: Bookshelves


La Cour Tisane

The fitting words in lieu of ambitious. Yet, dignified.


Orinji no Iru

Her lefty brain works



All about medical nexus


The Dialogues

Imagine your right and left fingers chatting. And your reaction when you wake up that it is in fact what is betiding


The Frantic Disciple Counts

This is all to be accounted for by her first celebrity poet/writer (who had the worst time of becoming a nanny to a 15 yr-old "lady") encounter


Through Red-colored Spectacles

Second-hand philosophy

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