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June 8, 2015

Her Thoughts on Roland Garros Finals 2015

by liruandlegallyraven | 07:07 AM

Djokovic was denied of his ninth grand slam title yesterday and had beaten out Nadal of his consistent clay title previously.

But as he was called at the stage for the runner-up plaque, he was given a long heartwarming applause. He deserved it. It was very touching and humbling. Everyone was proud of him. Felt it too.

He held himself back to cry but he  did tear out. How long the standing ovation and the crowd's cheer for him was overwhelming.

This was grand slam's raw emotions. This is tennis at its best.

And inspired her so well, knowing how both parties (he and Wawrinka, the winner who fought so stunningly too in order to have his second grand slam) have each of their predicament on this.

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