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June 8, 2015

Her Thoughts on Roland Garros Finals 2015

by liruandlegallyraven | 07:07 AM

Djokovic was denied of his ninth grand slam title yesterday and had beaten out Nadal of his consistent clay title previously.

But as he was called at the stage for the runner-up plaque, he was given a long heartwarming applause. He deserved it. It was very touching and humbling. Everyone was proud of him. Felt it too.

He held himself back to cry but he  did tear out. How long the standing ovation and the crowd's cheer for him was overwhelming.

This was grand slam's raw emotions. This is tennis at its best.

And inspired her so well, knowing how both parties (he and Wawrinka, the winner who fought so stunningly too in order to have his second grand slam) have each of their predicament on this.

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June 8, 2015

Things She Learned Again This Week

by liruandlegallyraven | 05:59 AM

1. She works best under pressure.

2. Time punctuality is very essential. A minute matters.

3. Jogging at dawn should have been today. But, really, should not sleep less than 3 hours beforehand. Sleep matters a lot.

4. Half-regrets. Just felt that. It was only either full or none for a few months now until today.

5. Don't half-ass anything.

6. Ain't getting any younger.

7. Mom has been officially trying to making her stay. Dreadful fact. She already knew this from the moment she was told by her sister to head for town more than 6 months ago when she only agreed to a 4 month stay. (A further story on this later.)

8. Take it slow this time.

9. Versatility. Time to check on it being her forte.

10. Definitely miss walking out to meet the sunrise. The feeling of dawn's cold crisp to the morning dew is just refreshing. Gotta make it right if this is the case.

11. Been intent on creating a future, but gold held back by the past and yet insisting on living in the now. But now, she realizes, it's more like convincing herself that she lives in the now. But, really, that's what you call hustling and you can't live with only one of it. A person lives with each -- the past, the present, and the future. But. There's a lot to learn and to act upon with. For now, it is now.

12. Focus woman. The two words that resonates every time she does. And it's very nice to actually hear it from someone else, these very words.

P.S. totally forgot about some appointments toda; better not get anymore listless than already now

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November 7, 2014

Her Thoughts For Today

by liruandlegallyraven | 04:06 PM | favorite

"She knows but she knows nothing."

{ music } Rude by Magic

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July 29, 2014

Her Intellectual Dossier

by liruandlegallyraven | 03:33 AM

For all so-called philosophical, logical, or intellectual write-ups, it would be best to click on Orinji no Iru category. Since the "Older" tab doesn't work, try clicking the archives / favorites. And choose on topics that have Orinji no Iru tag.

She used to publicly use, "Grin n' Bear It"

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July 28, 2014

Her Second Non-fiction Story Exchange : On Changes

by liruandlegallyraven | 11:57 PM | favorite

To: Monsieur E. Montero




You see if I opt to give you an entirely private story it would be a bit complex for me. No, I am not going around the bush and making excuses. By complex, it would mean, you could have pinpointed a bit more specific not just “personal change”. There’s a whole lot of pages in my life, like anyone else, to choose from. On the other hand, if I would merely focus on “world change” this would become a rather political piece. Given the fact that I would indulge in it but in a more fashionable sense, it would result to a headache of a speech (headache to the reader/listener not to me).


I decided then to share to you a mixture of both.


I do not know if you have dropped by my account and came by incidentally with one of my verses quoted like this, “To judge others is to know the difference between critique and criticize”. Actually, it has been one of my principles ever since and I came to share it in IG during one afternoon when I had this afternoon tea with an acquaintance, a friend – someone who considers me as her “living diary”. Simply put, she is one my little wards / babies. I always tell my friends to just ring me up beforehand and if I could afford I’ll make time for them. She is the type to call me for a cup of tea to rant everything out. That time, she first and foremost sat down to ask for background reference and tips on how to deliver a thesis defence. After asking her a couple of questions, I deduced it has to start with her group as a group and as an individual. And so, she was ranting about her thesis group primarily. I had to reiterate a couple of things to her about leadership and facilitation, about interpersonal approach and nurturing-people tactics. Well, she said, yes, she does all those all the time and insisted that she was being patient and open-minded. Well, I doubt the magnitude of those two qualities, however. So I quipped for her to have more (lots and lots of) patience and cultivate trust. She has a long long way to go to be able to understand what I’m talking about. Being pissed off is normal, well normal to most people. And it’s all right to let it all out and rant. It depends on the circumstances, however.


That happens to me too. But, I manage not to be most of the time. It is a must that someone who leads must know the depth of knowing, understanding, and handling things. One must know not the grasp, not how to grasp, not what to grasp, but one must know the little pecks of the grasp in order to know the 5W’s of grasp. Grasping situations.


It is important to be calm in order to think clearly.


You see. Not to brag, but I have always been like this ever since I was a child even if I had multiple phases too.


I was a very obedient-to-every-rule-and-regulations-and-goody-goody-two-shoes child. But, I wasn’t dumb. I may have my own ignorance or innocence though. I was already both a child and not a child. As a result, I had gained lots of self-proclaimed so-called adversaries. Yet, I could easily handle different concerns / issues. And then, I became a rebellious child. Rebellious in a sense that I was flirtatious and --toot-- and more than flirtatious with someone who I was only mutually attached with (we weren’t in any formal relationship). Only that though. I hope you could expand your imagination because I will not further explain. Haha. My apologies. (Half-meant). That went on for a year. Breaking ties with many people with only a few having been rekindled. The main things that were only mainly affected was my relationship with people. My hierarchal status was the same. My academic status was the same. My insights on my falling apart but not nearly family was the same. My hobbies were the same. It was only my socializing with other people that went totally wrong. And that went on for years. However, my rebellion only lasted for a year. You could say, I managed to go on with my life. But what made me change but still the same? I already gave the simple yet not so simple answer. Could you answer it, E.?


Anyway, yes, we each have our own circumstances. Yes, we do have our own hardships and stories of struggles and success. But, in a world where history repeats even thru changing times, where principles are the same even thru differing concepts and views – it doesn’t matter how we differ or how we are alike. What matters is we change for the better no matter how many times there will be shocking opposing changes after triumphs. And what we need is to steer clear of the blur in front of us. Blurs exist to juxtapose clarity. There would be no clarity if there are no blurs.


For example, people always complain of how one is ruling. They see his smallest to biggest flaws. They would even reach to the point where they impeach the ruler. Yes, eradicating the (not ‘a&rsquo mistake is a necessity. However, if it goes on in an unending cycle – impeaching one ruler after another and would desire to be said ruler and then impeach again, wouldn’t that be rather the most idiotic biggest flaw? Why? Because people merely look at the errs. They say if they do not see the err and act upon and against it, then nothing will change. Well, yes, theoretically. But, hey, isn’t also theoretical to leap out of a cycle in order not to land up in another cycle but to create a forward path? That is what a ‘taking a step forward’ means. Why won’t people act upon the error, by seeing the good things, and then create a plan to weigh both and help it out with the ruler. They would just be tiring themselves out rallying and impeaching always. That isn’t entirely wrong. But, generally, people only end that not when the impeachment has taken place but when they have found something so shiny that they’ll be blinded again. The time spent for that could have been spent to making small improvements on their own or approach in a manner that both would come to a compromise.


It is already a fact that we could not help to make errors, but errors coexist with perfection. It is how we should manage both, not overlooking things and wasting time.    


And until now, I ponder, personally, and generally.







If you want further clarifications or have questions in your mind, I don’t mind at all if you ask, E.



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July 27, 2014

Her First Non-fiction Story Exchange : Starters

by liruandlegallyraven | 02:32 AM | favorite

"I create all kinds of write-up. Yes, but, I haven't recently created long ones; only proses and poetry. It isn't because I am having a writer's block, nor do I lack in ideas and scripts. It is the mere fact that I seek symphony. That is why when I see inviting literary blogs, I only glance up and wouldn't share or create one piece or give a penny of my thoughts. Besides, it has only been recently that I recommenced writing free verses. The only constant literary piece that I have been stuck on for couple of months now is the novel I am working on. Well, even that gets its own intermissions.
However, those unwritten skits in my heads never went to waste since there are always or so people who I can exchange philosophies, debates, rebates, and stories orally with. They say they are always intrigued with how I think when I do say what I think.
Anyway, I saw the account of @artigraphy and it gave me a spur to write again. And he was grateful as to how he can inspire others. He was contributing spur, yes, but, I do not remember how and what really instigated my writing stint again because this time what I know is that I combine writing and photography (well, I did and still do writing-and-illustrated art too).
And then the rest follows.

Yesterday was a big something for me though.

You see as much I'd want to, I would lay a low profile at most times given where I am and what I do. You could say I have my own multiple masks or facade while staying true to myself. I have my own mask that depends on which situation I am in. As per normal.
But, whether I intentionally do something or not, I make mistakes too which is why I was in mixed emotions when I read a post from my former mentor. He gave the speech last 2010 but just posted this recently in facebook and my mom told me about it since she was tagged and I don't have an account there.
Here is an excerpt:

Many weeks ago, too—I cannot remember anymore exactly when—another leader like Gigi, one already in the making and is certain to go places, texted me, or rather kept bugging me about a set of insistent questions for which she somehow thought I had the wisdom and maturity to provide satisfying answers. Like Gigi, she is in your midst too, and you better recognize that she has a script in mind or by which she is already tailoring a lead role or in which she is seeing one such role for herself. Her name is Lei Madiam (I believe she is either now a student at SMU or a young instructor there), daughter of schoolmate Lani Madiam, again from my SCS days. In a series of texts that did not stop (irrespective of how disruptive it was of my routine that day—I think I was trying to finish revising a chapter for my book manuscript) until she got the answers she wanted or had them clarified to her satisfaction, she asked “Sir, how does one distinguish a real man from somebody who isn't? (paano daw makikilatis and tunay na lalaki mula sa lalaking hindi).” Geez, I thought, how does one respond to a question like that, and what was Lei thinking that I might actually be the expert on the subject, or that I might have something meaningful to say about it from actual experience, if not scholarly knowledge? I was tempted to turn off my phone, needless to say. Not immediately getting a reply, she texted again: “Is a real man somebody with confidence or somebody who has conviction?” Whatever the context was for her quandary, whether she was checking out someone for romantic purposes, or thinking about the nature of masculinity generally, as a kind of proto-feminist thinker maybe, I actually did not care about at this stage. I found myself effectively shanghaied into this virtual exchange. I remember retorting: “A man is real when he not only exhibits self-confidence but also the conviction that his confidence is not misplaced, in short, if he is self-possessed without being self-absorbed” or something to that effect.

Lei was not satisfied with my answer (which, if you will note, is actually based on the very terms of her follow-up question, having produced, in the interrogative mode, while firing that question, the very criteria of ‘confidence’ and ‘conviction’ that it would have taken me some inordinate time to even approximate in formulating; in short, these terms, hers, were already perfect and basic, to my mind). She texted: “But what if a man has conviction but lacks confidence or does not or refuses to manifest it?” And another text: “Which is more important for us to be able to spot a real man: confidence or conviction?” At this stage, I remember feeling either irritated or simply stimulated, and I do not remember which I mainly felt, but I was moved to text back: “Real is the man who has conviction and is so convinced that he has it that he needs no confidence to express it or does not need to express it as confidence. Confidence is easy to project, conviction difficult to keep and make consistent. Confidence is a natural once conviction is set.” Again something to this effect and long-windedly so, and here of course my load clock was ticking down to exhaustion and I was half-praying that Lei would cease haunting me with her questions. She texted an interjection, something like “Ahh...” and I thought that, mercifully, that was the end of that. Sometime later, I was netsurfing something and it happened by pure serendipity when I typed a search term, totally unrelated actually as I recall, and found myself led to Lei's blog and a write-up she did based on our exchange! I was seeking yesterday to connect to her URL so I could quote from it to show you how much farther she has taken that exchange and refined my formulations to address what, I believe, are questions of leadership, rather than simply romance or masculinity as I had initially suspected, but I have not been successful.

What is this point about my second anecdote concerning a second local leader, a leader in your very midst and who comes from your ranks? Is it the case that confidence and/or conviction are qualities or postures we require of a true leader and we expect as manifestations of authentic leadership? Not quite, although possession of these two qualities or exhibition of these postures does go a long way in making genuine leadership happen and happen impressively. Rather, I wish to make a big point about the second most important quality that, to my mind, a leader ought to have, and which Lei has in oodles—so much so that I now want very much to be like her (she is my role model), or if I already am, to remain so. That quality is “intellectual curiousity”—of the kind that is heedless, that is unforgiving and, yes, insistent, like it were second nature. Lei is set, in other words. Her intellectual curiousity is heedless, she did not care if I was a busy person and might not have the time to stop what I was doing so that I could discuss with her a matter of pressing importance according to her determination: how to distinguish a real man from somebody who isn't. It was unforgiving (in a word, 'makulit') as no one reply was enough to pacify or mollify her insatiable curiousity, at least until she could obviously get to the point where she had learnt enough from the other to take that learning in a direction that is decisive for her own purposes (how was I to know that our texting exchange was going to end up as a much-refined and profound statement about self-leadership, a blog entry with the playful title 'Grin and Bear It'?). It is the kind of intellectual curiousity that is almost like second nature because she has obviously trained herself to make, or some teacher or mentor had done a mighty fine job of making, that insistence a matter of habit for her, a way to live and proceed.

What will intellectual curiousity do for anybody aspiring to a position of leadership in any endeavor or sphere of activity? First, it will show to everyone including himself or herself, that you have a person who thinks and deliberates, and who has the humility to learn about the vastness of the world and its mysteries, to learn from others and listen to their perspectives, before acting and performing as a leader—in a word: apart from the faculty of 'understanding' that I made to surface from Gigi's case, the facility of learning or wanting to learn all the time. A teacher must first study seriously and be a good student before he or she can teach well. A leader must first be a good follower before he or she can lead others or expect others to follow his or her lead. Real is the leader who can only say or speak on her own after he or she has listened attentively, or expressed the willingness to do so, to others speak their mind or say their piece. I felt so touched, when I finally got over my mild sense of irritation and my jealous sense of the limited time I had to do anything, by Lei's gesture and courage, her humility and her insistence. One day she just dared to disrupt somebody else's routine—mine—just so that she could listen to what I, as her Other, had to say, about a subject of importance (at least to her, but thinking about it now, to anyone who just wants to be able to spot or recognize good character in a person, or a man in this case, when they must). Second intellectual curiousity of the heedless and unforgiving kind as Lei's is the true hallmark not only of thinking and deliberation, but critical thinking and a methodical disposition. You want a leader who is capable of being critical so that he or she can stand criticism; you want a leader who not only deliberates with others but with himself or herself so he or she can make a habit, a way to live and proceed, out of being methodical, of thinking and doing, acting and performing, with great precision and care.

I know when I am acknowledged. That is normal to me. But..

(here is what I responded to his post: I am greatly humbled by this aside from the fact that I felt embarrassed on how I was an annoying little thing back then (although I am aware I get very annoying [chuckles]) and honored to know you can still sort of remember me po -- at this point I do believe I did more than to be '"sort of" remembered [half-apologetic]. My public blog during those times was in Multiply which sadly switched into having become an entrepreneurs' site. I did change sites. I have been using (not However, since I half-use it for private use too, I set the acct unsearchable for public viewing and was restricted to friends-only acct. I'll set it to public viewing one of these days po. By the way, I don't actually have FB acct only Instagram, Researchgate and Line. I mainly use Instagram as my literary outlet with illustrations, paintings, or depicted photos. Sometimes, just the regular daily photoshoot. If ever you will drop by there po, my username's liruandlegallyraven. It's the same username for my blog. I didn't plan to send back a verbose response. I do hope you won't get annoyed or something po (which I doubt -- haha). It's good to be able to keep in touch with you again po. Continue to be a blessing to others po as you have been to me.)
['po' is a courtesy word in the Philippines]
And now I think somehow I am more motivated to continue doing my craft. To write, to express, to explore, to understand, to share, and to inspire. I feel more triumphant as it is already.
I do hope you get what I meant, . I still have a long way to go as a writer and as a person, but I am already viewed as such (although I do get almost synonymous views from a few others).
Such is how I see things as.

It will be a next story the next time, E. I enjoy being a private person, however, I don't mind if you share this. Likewise, it's up to you where your  thoughts on this will fall on which series.
Thank you for the time and thoughts.
Bless you

P.S. Funny how you already know (?) my real name as opposed to my penname as a writer and pseudonym as a graphic artist :D

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April 18, 2014

New Resolve

by liruandlegallyraven | 01:27 AM | favorite

Silence is so accurate.

-- Mark Rothko

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December 10, 2013

Question of the Day

by liruandlegallyraven | 09:14 PM

What hasn't been done?

The proper usage of this question is when everythingo/one else says it's plagiarism. But then again, "What has been done?" is a question not at all that bad.

It just depends on proper usage.

{ mood } somehow bored but not actually bored earlier today (drinking cof

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October 19, 2013


by liruandlegallyraven | 07:21 PM | favorite

Flaws are assets. Assets are flaws.

- Ltraegne X' Ae.

{ music } SHINee's Nightmare (Misconceptions of Me Album)

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