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June 8, 2015

Things She Learned Again This Week

by liruandlegallyraven | 05:59 AM

1. She works best under pressure.

2. Time punctuality is very essential. A minute matters.

3. Jogging at dawn should have been today. But, really, should not sleep less than 3 hours beforehand. Sleep matters a lot.

4. Half-regrets. Just felt that. It was only either full or none for a few months now until today.

5. Don't half-ass anything.

6. Ain't getting any younger.

7. Mom has been officially trying to making her stay. Dreadful fact. She already knew this from the moment she was told by her sister to head for town more than 6 months ago when she only agreed to a 4 month stay. (A further story on this later.)

8. Take it slow this time.

9. Versatility. Time to check on it being her forte.

10. Definitely miss walking out to meet the sunrise. The feeling of dawn's cold crisp to the morning dew is just refreshing. Gotta make it right if this is the case.

11. Been intent on creating a future, but gold held back by the past and yet insisting on living in the now. But now, she realizes, it's more like convincing herself that she lives in the now. But, really, that's what you call hustling and you can't live with only one of it. A person lives with each -- the past, the present, and the future. But. There's a lot to learn and to act upon with. For now, it is now.

12. Focus woman. The two words that resonates every time she does. And it's very nice to actually hear it from someone else, these very words.

P.S. totally forgot about some appointments toda; better not get anymore listless than already now

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